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Well, summer has been quite busy so far so I apologize for the delay in finishing up the Pribil family. The final Pribil sibling is Julia Marie. She was born to Wenzel and Mary Pribil on March 4, 1908 in St. Paul, Minnesota. She was baptized on March 15, 1908 at the Church of St. Agnes and her godparents were Alois and Albina Kubitschek. Once I discovered Wenzel’s family, I assumed Julia was named for her grandmother, Juliana Graf Pribil, and great-grandmother, Juliana Hackl Graf. As a child, Julie lived at 440 Lafond with her parents, Wenzel and Mary, and siblings Isidore, Anna, Louis, William, Mary, Theresa, Frank, Rose, and Emma. In 1914, the family moved to 885 Edmund. Julie lived there with her parents (until her father’s death from tuberculosis in 1916) and siblings, and then stepfather, Stephen, and stepbrother, Fred (as of June 1922), until the family moved again around 1924-1925. Julie lost her oldest sister, Anna, on March 8, 1924 to tuberculosis. In January 1925, Julie was listed as living at 891 W Central Ave with her brother, Louis, and his wife, Mabel, and her sister, Mary, and her family. She worked as a helper at H Peltz & Son. On March 22, 1925, Julie lost another sister, Theresa, to tuberculosis. A few months later, on July 16, 1925, at the age of 17, Julie married Joseph Plaschko, widower of her sister, Anna. Witnesses were Julie’s brother, Frank, and sister, Emma.

Joseph Plaschko & Julia Pribil wedding, July 16, 1925

After they were first married, Joe, Julie, and Joe’s daughter, Anna (my grandma), lived at 849 West Central with Julie’s mother, Mary, stepfather, Stephen, stepbrother, Fred, brother, Frank, and sisters, Emma and Rose (until her death on April 20, 1926, also of tuberculosis). Joe and Julie had a son, Joseph Daniel Jr. (Sonny), on July 19, 1926. They lived at 827 Aurora and then at 678 Thomas over the next couple of years. During this time, Joe and Julie lost their baby, Sonny, who died on December 9, 1927 of bronchopneumonia. By 1930, Joe, Julie, and Anna lived at 832 Sherburne Ave and Joe was working at Prudential Insurance. Their daughter, Beverly, was born on June 18,  1930.

Anna Plaschko holding half-sister, Beverly
Anna Plascko holding half-sister, Beverly Plaschko, 1930

Over the next few years, Joe, Julie, Ann, and Beverly lived at 848 Lafond, 908 Lafond, and 931 Bayard Ave. They lived on Bayard at the time of daughter, Ann’s, marriage in August 1936, and birth of daughter, Marilyn, in January 1938. Joe, Julie, and daughters, Beverly and Marilyn, lived at 994 Lexington Parkway in 1940 and at 696 Van Buren in 1941. Joe worked as a bookbinder during this time.

Joe & Julie Pribil Plaschko 25th
Joe and Julie Plaschko celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary, June 1950 

From around 1950- 1961, Joe and Julie lived at 665 Aurora with Beverly (until her marriage in 1959) and Marilyn (until her marriage in 1961). Joe and Julie eventually moved to 1085 Montreal Ave, where they lived for several years. As I mentioned before, Grandma Julie and Grandpa Joe were a big part of my childhood, always at holidays and family gatherings. And just as with Grandpa Joe, I didn’t realize until I was older how much Grandma Julie went through. Losing her father at such a young age, losing 3 of her sisters, marrying her sister’s widower when she was very young, losing her first child…I knew these things as I grew up but to me they were just part of the story. I only remember the big, fun family gatherings with lots of talking and laughing. In the process of putting together our family history, these things really hit me as they came up. Seeing pictures and death certificates of people I never knew made them more real to me. It made me think of the lives of the people I did know, their whole lives, not just the part when I knew them. And it makes me wish I would have paid more attention because I was old enough. I was in high school when Grandpa Joe died on November 13, 1986 at the age of 93. And I was in college when Grandma Julie died on July 9, 1990 at the age of 82. The cause of her death was listed as pneumonia (5 days), brainstem meningioma (1 year), and adult-onset diabetes mellitus. She was buried at Calvary with Grandpa Joe, and her sister, Emma.GmaJuliegrave



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