anna maria pribil…

There are two Pribil sisters that I saved for last…my two great-grandmothers. My grandma’s mother, Anna, and my grandma’s aunt, Julia, who became her stepmother. I remember my grandma talking about how her mother died when she was little and it always made me sad…but it wasn’t until I was older that I realized how tragic my grandma’s early life really was, losing her mother and her two younger siblings at such a young age. My grandma was only six years old when her mother died but she had a few memories of her. She told me how she remembered her mother singing along to a record she played and how she always put up paper hearts around the house for Valentine’s Day.

Anna Marie Pribil (Plaschko) was born on March 14, 1893 in St. Paul, Minnesota to Wenzel Pribil and Mary Peter. She was baptized on March 21, 1893 at the Church of St. Agnes and her godparents were Alois and Albina Kubitschek. As a child, Anna lived at 440 Lafond with her parents, Wenzel and Mary, her maternal grandmother, Theresa (from 1899 until her death in 1904), and siblings Isidore, Louis, William, Mary, Theresa, Frank, Rose, Julia, and Emma. Anna’s future husband, Joseph Plaschko, grew up on the same street at 460 Lafond.

Ann Pribil Communion
Anna Pribil, First Holy Communion

According to city directories, Anna worked various jobs as she got older. At 15 she had a job as a clerk for Mannheimer Brothers, at 17 she worked as a seamstress for a dressmaker, at 20 she worked as a machine operator, and at 22 she was an assistant at F.H. Odendahl. Anna’s family moved to 885 Edmund in 1914 where Anna lived until she got married. On July 11, 1916, at the age of 23, Anna married Joseph Plaschko at the Church of St. Agnes in St. Paul. Witnesses were Joseph’s brother, Fred, and Anna’s sister, Mary.

Joseph Plaschko & Anna Pribil wedding, July 11, 1916

Anna’s father, Wenzel, died of tuberculosis a couple of months after her wedding in September 1916. When they were first married, Joe and Anna lived at 515 Fuller Street where daughter, Anna Marie, was born on July 3, 1917. They briefly lived at 698 Edmund in 1918 and then with Anna’s family at 885 Edmund where daughter, Agnes, was born on January 4, 1919.

Anna Pribil Plaschko with daughters, Anna & Agnes
Anna Pribil Plaschko with daughters, Anna (my grandma), and Agnes.

In the census for 1920, Anna and Joe lived at 462 Edmund with their daughters, Anna (2½ years) and Agnes (11 months) and Joe worked as a chauffeur for a family. In 1922, they lived at 456 Lafond where their son, Joseph Daniel Jr., was born in November of that year.

885 Edmund (Pribil house) Ann Pribil Plaschko with daughter, Anna, on donkey, (2)
Anna Pribil Plaschko with daughter, Anna (my grandma), father-in-law, Mansuet Plaschko, standing behind them, and brother, Bill Pribil, sitting on railing, at the Pribil family home – 885 Edmund.
Anna Pribil Plaschko with daughter, Anna Plaschko
Anna Plaschko and Anna Pribil Plaschko – the last picture my grandma took with her mother.

In 1923, Anna and Joe lost their 4-year-old daughter, Agnes, who died of tuberculous meningitis on April 19, and their 11-month-old son, Joseph Jr., who died of miliary tuberculosis on October 26. Anna was also sick with tuberculosis at the time of her son’s death and was not aware that he had died. Anna died the following year on March 8, 1924 after suffering from tuberculosis for 10 months. A service for her was held at St. Agnes and she was buried in Calvary Cemetery in St. Paul.

Anna Pribil Plaschko deathcert
State of Minnesota Death Certificate for Anna Plaschko, March 8, 1924, Minnesota Historical Society




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