mary peter pribil…

Maria (Mary) Peter was born in Scheurek, Bohemia on May 25, 1868 to Alois Peter and Theresa Haselberger. When she was 21 years old, Mary married Wenzel Pribil in Furstenthut on January 7, 1890. Her father, Alois, had to agree to the marriage since Mary was considered underage. Within a year of their marriage, Mary and Wenzel had their first child, Isidore, born in December 1890. Soon after, Mary, Wenzel, and their infant son left Bohemia and headed for a new life in America. For the first couple of years, they moved around St. Paul until they settled at 440 Lafond in 1894 with the addition of their daughter, Anna. While living on Lafond, Mary and Wenzel had eight more children – Louis, William, Mary, Theresa, Frank, Rose, Julia, and Emma. Mary’s mother, Theresa Peter, lived with the family on Lafond from 1899 until her death in 1904. In 1914, Mary and Wenzel moved their family to 885 Edmund, where they lived at the time of Wenzel’s death in 1916. Mary and the children remained at 885 after Wenzel died and were still there six years later when Mary remarried. On June 15, 1922, she married Stephen Richter at the Church of St. Agnes. Witnesses listed in the church records were Michael and Anna Haselberger, the couple who had adopted Michael Salm in 1903 after the death of Mary’s sister, Frances. Mary and Stephen lived with her children and his youngest son, Fred, on Edmund until 1924, and then at 849 and 851 West Central Ave over the next few years. During that time, Mary suffered a great deal of loss. First, she lost two of her grandchildren, Anna’s 4-year-old daughter, Agnes, and her baby son, Joseph Daniel, both in 1923. This was followed by the deaths of three of her daughters, all from tuberculosis – Anna on March 8, 1924, Theresa on March 22, 1925 and Rose on April 20, 1926. In 1929, Mary and Stephen moved to 835 Thomas where they lived until 1932. From 1933 until 1937, they lived at 751 Blair.

Mary Peter Pribil Richter with son, Frank Pribil, and granddaughter, Anna Plaschko
Mary Peter Pribil Richter with son, Frank Pribil, and granddaughter, Anna Plaschko (my grandma).

Mary died on April 12, 1937 due to arteriosclerosis/cerebral hemorrhage. She was buried with first husband, Wenzel, at Calvary Cemetery in St. Paul. My grandma told me that  her sister, Agnes, was also buried with them.

Wenzel & Marie Peter Pribil (Richter) and granddaughter, Agnes Theresa Plaschko (not listed on marker)
Wenzel and Mary Pribil, Calvary Cemetery, St. Paul, Minnesota. Granddaughter Agnes Plaschko is buried with them but there is no marker for her.




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