the pribil relatives…

While searching the parish records of Furstenhut in the Czech archives, I noticed almost every other page had a Pribil on it. So not only was I able to find my great-great grandfather, Wenzel Pribil, and his parents, Josef Pribil and Juliana Graf, I also found his siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, and nephews. I noted every birth, marriage, and death record for the Pribil family and traced the members as far as I could. Many of them spent their entire life in Furstenhut and many of their stories are still unknown to me. And a few, like Wenzel, left Bohemia for a better life in America. Meet the Pribil relatives…

Josef Pribil’s twin sister, Rosalia, married Josef Kubitschek in Furstenhut in 1857. Rosalia and Josef had a son, Alois, who married Albina Stegbauer in Furstenhut in 1885. Two years later, Alois and Albina left Bohemia and settled in St. Paul, Minnesota. This was a few years before Alois’s first cousin, Wenzel, settled in St. Paul with his wife, Mary, and their son, Isidore. I assume cousins Wenzel and Alois were close since I found that Alois and Albina Kubitschek were godparents to all of Wenzel and Mary’s children. That is with the exception of their son, Isidore (called Izzy or I.F. for Isidore Frank), who was born in Bohemia. His godparents were listed as Isidor Harant, a neighbor in Furstenhut, and his daughter, Barbora. I assume that is where his name came from and it was spelled ‘Isidor’ like his godfather on his birth record but any documents I found from the U.S. listed his name as ‘Isidore.’

Three of Josef Pribil’s eight children also married Kubitscheks – daughter, Barbara, married Wenzel Kubitschek, daughter, Maria, married Pius Kubitschek, and son, Anton, married Philomena Kubitschek. There were at least 27 Kubitschek grandchildren from these marriages and I believe some may have come to America as well.

One of Josef Pribil’s brothers, Mathias, married Josef’s wife’s sister, Anna Graf, in February 1844. They had only been married a little over a month when Mathias died of typhus. By 1849, Anna had married Joseph Selbitschka and had a daughter, Barbara. They had at least two more children. Their youngest daughter, Anna, left Bohemia around the same time as her first cousin, Wenzel Pribil, and came to St. Paul, Minnesota. Anna married Michael Haselberger in 1892. They did not have any children of their own. In 1903, they adopted a baby, Michael, after the death of his mother, Wenzel’s sister-in-law, Frances Peter, and her husband, William Salm.

Wenzel Pribil had a third cousin named Johann Pribil. Johann also settled in St. Paul, married Rosa Peter, and they had a daughter named Anna born in 1916. Wenzel’s own daughter, Anna, and her new husband, Joseph Plaschko, were named godparents to baby Anna.


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