the peter siblings…

I mentioned that Alois and Theresa (Haselberger) Peter had twelve children, this was according to what was recorded in the 1900 US Census. Through my research, I was able to find ten of these twelve children through birth records in the Czech archives. I then searched for them in the marriage and death records. For two of them, I found nothing further than their birth records – Theresa born on October 5, 1864 and Alois born on September 25, 1866, both in Schuerek, Bohemia. I discovered that four of them had died as babies – Josef was born in Scheurek on January 4, 1872 and died on April 8, 1872. Twins Rosa and Franz were born in Finsterau, Bavaria on July 5, 1877. They both died of whooping cough, Rosa at 8 months on March 8, 1878 and Franz at 10 months on May 26, 1878. And Rosa was born in Finsterau on June 4, 1880 and died of convulsions/seizures at 5 months on November 29, 1880. I was able to find a bit more on the oldest son, Johann. He was born on June 18, 1863. At 25, he married Aloisia Peter (no surprise here, another example of 2nd cousins who married) in Huttl, Bohemia on February 4, 1889. They had five children, two who died at just days old and one who died at eleven months. The other two lived to adulthood and married in Bohemia, one of them in 1920 and the other in 1937. It is unknown when or where Johann died but if his children remained in Bohemia, I assume he did as well. Anna, who I have mentioned before, was born in Finsterau on June 4, 1874. According to a passenger list I posted earlier, she came to America with her parents on August 15, 1893. Her older sisters, Mary and Frances, had already settled in St. Paul. No other information was found for Anna.

So that leaves Mary and Frances. I’ll save Mary for later and tell the story of Frances…

Frances was born in Scheurek, Bohemia on February 28, 1870 to Alois Peter and Theresa Haselberger. It is unknown when she left Bohemia to come to America, possibly around the same time her sister, Mary Peter Pribil, did in 1891. Frances married William Salm in Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota on January 30, 1893.

William Salm and Frances Peter, Marriage License and Certificate, Minnesota County Marriages, 1860-1949,

Frances and William settled in St. Paul and had six children together: Anna, born in 1895; William, born in 1897 and died in 1899; Teresa, born in 1898; William, born in 1900; Michael, born in 1901 and died in 1902; and Michael, born in February 1903. About three weeks after the birth of her son, Michael, Frances died at home on March 6, 1903. The cause of death was puerperal sepsis (infection from childbirth) which led to septicemia.

FrancesPeterSalmdeath record
Frances Peter Salm, Physician’s Certificate of Death, St. Paul, Ramsey, Minnesota.

Just a month later, her husband, William, died of tuberculosis, leaving their four children without a parent. Their daughters, Anna and Teresa, were kept together and adopted by Herman and Anna Christl. Their son, William, was adopted by Joseph Petschl and his wife, and the baby, Michael, was adopted by Michael and Anna (Selbitschka) Haselberger. Michael was a distant cousin of Frances’s and Anna was a first cousin of Frances’s brother-in-law, Wenzel Pribil.

St. Paul Globe, Friday, July 24, 1903,

Once I had discovered everything that had happened to Frances, a lot of questions were answered. I had known Teresa and Anna Christl and Michael Haselberger were related to the Pribil/Peter family but I hadn’t been able to figure out where they fit in because of their changed last names. My grandma had pictures of them and told me they were cousins but she couldn’t remember how they were related. Although the story was tragic, I was grateful to find the information to put everyone in their place in the family tree.

Ann Elli, Theresa Kohn, Pribil cousins
Philip Kohn and Teresa (Salm) Christl wedding, with sister of the bride, Ann (Salm) Christl Elli


Anna Plaschko, Julie Pribil, Theresa Pribil Stewart, Michael Hasselberger, Bernadette Peterson , and Clem Stewart
Theresa Pribil and Clem Stewart Wedding, also pictured – sister of the bride, Julie Pribil, cousin of the bride, Michael (Salm) Haselberger, and nieces of the bride, Anna Plaschko (left – my grandma) and Bernadette Peterson (right).



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