interesting note…

Theresa Haselberger, my 3x great-grandmother, was the oldest of eight sisters born to Franz and Theresia Haselberger. Two of her sisters married brothers – her sister, Anna, married Anselm Eder in 1867 and her sister, Crecenz, married Franz Eder in 1873. In 1875, eight years after Anna and Ansel had married, Anna died of tuberculosis. In 1879, six years after Crecenz and Franz were married, Crecenz died, also of tuberculosis. Three years after her death, in 1881, Crecenz’s husband, Franz, married her younger sister, Josefa. Josefa died three years later in 1884 of ‘side stitches and rubeola’ which most likely meant appendicitis and measles.

I found all of this interesting because of what happened years later in Theresa’s own family. Two of her grandsons, Bill and Frank Pribil, married sisters – Rose and Agnes Penzenstadler (more on this later). Three of her granddaughters died of tuberculosis – Anna Pribil in 1924, Theresa Pribil in 1925, and Rose Pribil in 1926. And as I have mentioned, after Anna died, her husband, Joe Plaschko, married her younger sister, Julie. I remember hearing something about this being the idea of Anna and Julie’s mother, Mary Pribil. She had been around 11 years old when her Aunt Crecenz died, and 13 years old when Franz married her other aunt, Josefa. So perhaps it was her idea since she had seen it work before.


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