wenzel’s in-laws…

Wenzel Pribil and his wife, Mary Peter, were married in Furstenhut, where Wenzel was born and raised. Mary was born in Scheurek, Bohemia, just south of Furstenhut and closer to the border with Bavaria. Her father, Alois Peter, was from Bohemia and her mother, Theresa Haselberger, was from Bavaria. Meet the Peter-Haselberger families…

Johann George Peter was born in Unterlichtbuchet, Bohemia in 1776. Katharina Neubauer was born in Unterlichtbuchet in 1775 to Josef and Eva Rosina Neubauer. Johann George Peter and Katharina Neubauer were married on May 7, 1798 and had at least 10 children, including Josef. Johann George died of pneumonia at the age of 54 on November 7, 1830. A date of death for his wife, Katharina, is unknown.

Josef Peter was born on July 1, 1802 in Unterlichtbuchet, Bohemia to Johann George Peter and Katharina Neubauer. Elisabeth Rauman (along with her twin brother, Johann) was born on October 8, 1805 in Landstrassen, Bohemia to Johann and Rosina Rauman. Josef and Elisabeth were married on May 15, 1825 in Landstrassen. They had at least 6 children, including Alois, and lived in Unterlichtbuchet where Josef was a house owner. Elisabeth died in Unterlichtbuchet of dropsy on August 20, 1854 at the age of 48. A date of death for Josef is unknown.

Alois Peter was born on October 6, 1830 in Unterlichtbuchet, Bohemia to Josef Peter and Elisabeth Rauman. He was 32 years old, living in Scheurek, Bohemia, and working as a day laborer when he married Theresa Haselberger. They were married on September 30, 1862 and since Theresa was only 22 and considered underage, her father, Franz, had to agree to the marriage. Alois and Theresa had 12 children and lost at least four of them as infants. In August 1893, Alois, Theresa, and their youngest daughter, Anna, sailed from Germany to New York and then traveled to St. Paul, Minnesota.

Alois, Theresa, and Anna Peter, New York, Passenger Lists, 1820-1957, Ancestry.com

St. Paul is where two of their children, daughters Mary Peter Pribil and Frances Peter Salm, had settled. It is unknown where or when Alois died but it was sometime between 1893 and 1899…more on that in a bit. Now for some background on the Haselbergers…

Johann Haselberger was born in Hüttl, Bohemia in 1770. He married Agnes Nader (born 1771) in the early 1790s and they had at least ten children together, including their youngest, Franz. Agnes died in 1829 of consumption when she was 58 years old. Johann married a woman named Katharina Turner the following year. He remained in Hüttl until his death in 1846.

Sebastien Neuberger was born in Hüttl, Bohemia. He married Katharina Hopfinger, daughter of Urban and Maria Hopfinger, on March 27, 1799 in Schuerek, Bohemia. Sebastien and Katharina had at least 9 children, including their youngest daughter, Theresia. Katharina died of dropsy on November 25, 1854 at the age of 78. It is unknown when Sebastien died.

Franz Haselberger was born in Hüttl, Bohemia on May 18, 1814 to Johann Haselberger and Agnes Nader. Theresia Neuberger was born in Hüttl on February 1, 1818 to Sebastien Neuberger and Katharina Hopfinger. Franz Haselberger and Theresia Neuberger were married in Finsterau, Bavaria on October 16, 1837 and they had eight daughters, including their oldest, Theresa. Franz died in Finsterau on March 18, 1879 of dropsy. It is unknown when Theresia died.

Theresa Haselberger was born on May 7, 1840 in Finsterau, Freyung-Grafenau, Bavaria, Germany to Franz Haselberger and Theresia Neuberger. She married Alois Peter in Furstenhut on September 30, 1862 at age 22. Since she was considered underage, her father, Franz, had to agree to the marriage of his daughter to the 32-year-old Alois. Alois and Theresa had 12 children and had lost at least 4 of them by the time they came to America on August 15, 1893, with their youngest daughter, Anna. Daughters Mary Pribil and Frances Salm had both settled in St. Paul, Minnesota. It is unclear whether they were visiting or if they stayed and, if so, for how long. I came across a second passenger list with Theresa traveling from Germany alone five years later in 1898.

Theresa Peter, Baltimore Passenger Lists, 1820-1964, Ancestry.com

The document states she had been in the U.S. before and her destination was listed as “St. Paul, MN, daughter, Lafond 44.” This would be her daughter, Mary Pribil, who lived at 440 Lafond with her husband, Wenzel, and their children. Theresa’s husband, Alois, and youngest daughter, Anna, were not with her. So I wondered if the three of them had gone back to Germany and only Theresa returned? Or maybe she went back alone for a visit with family? I tried to find what I could on Alois and Theresa in St. Paul after they first arrived in 1893. Alois didn’t show up in city directories and he wasn’t in the U.S. census for 1900. But I did find Theresa in the 1899 and 1901 St. Paul city directories…which was after she came back to St. Paul the second time. In both 1899 and 1901, she was listed as the widow of Alois, living at 440 Lafond, which would be with Mary and her family.

RL Polk & Co’s St. Paul City Directory, 1899, p. 1117, Ancestry.com

She was also listed as a widow living with the family at 440 Lafond in the 1900 census.  So that means Alois died between 1893 and 1899. I was unable to find any death record for him in St. Paul or in the parish records in the Czech archives. I was also unable to find any records for their youngest daughter, Anna, who initially came to St. Paul with them in 1893. Since the city directories didn’t list them as living in St. Paul in the mid to late 1890s, I assume Alois returned to Germany during that time with Theresa, and possibly Anna. I also assume he died there (in a German town not covered by the Czech archives) and sometime after Theresa came back to St. Paul to live with her daughter, Mary, her son-in-law, Wenzel, and their children. She’s in the family photograph I posted earlier, the one that my grandma wrote the names on…I love having a face to put with the name. No matter what condition the photos are in, they are treasures.

Wenzel Pribil family
Theresa Haselberger Peter

Theresa lived with Wenzel and Mary until her death from a stroke on February 6, 1904 at the age of 63. Her service was at St. Agnes and she was buried at Calvary in St. Paul. I have searched for her grave a couple of times with no luck, someday I will find it.



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