meet the pribils…

My grandma was 6 years old when her mother, Anna Pribil, died and 9 years old when her father, Joe Plaschko, married Anna’s younger sister, Julia Pribil. This was the great-grandma I knew, we called her Grandma Julie. I remember when I was young, I found the whole thing very confusing…I would think about how my grandma’s aunt became her step-mother and how her (half) sisters were also her first cousins. It was unusual but I thought it was intriguing as well. Anna and Julia Pribil were two of the ten children of Wenzel and Maria Pribil. Like Mansuet and Anna Blaschko, Wenzel and Maria left Bohemia in 1891 and settled in St. Paul, Minnesota. They came from Furstenhut, a village located in the Bohemian Forest (which is now called Sumava), near the border of Bavaria. Meet the Pribils…

Jakob Pribil was born in Furstenhut, Bohemia in 1746. He married Katharina (born around 1760, maiden name unknown) and they had at least 4 children – Johann (1790), Josef (1791), Theresia (1799), and Augustin (1804). Jakob died of dropsy on July 20, 1831 at the age of 85. His wife, Katharina, died of tuberculosis on November 27, 1836 at age 76.

Johann Pribil was born in Furstenhut, Bohemia in 1790 to Jakob and Katharina Pribil. On August 14, 1814, at age 24, he married Maria Elisabeth Michetschlager. Elisabeth, born in Elendbachl, Bohemia, on August 22, 1793, was the daughter of Anton and Anna Maria (Herzog) Michetschlager. After Johann and Elisabeth were married, they lived in Furstenhut and had at least 9 children, including twins, Josef and Rosalia. According to records in the Czech archives, Johann owned a small house and worked as a lumberjack. Elisabeth died on May 30, 1845 of dysentery at the age of 51. Five months after her death, Johann married a woman named Maria (maiden name unknown) on October 27, 1845. Johann died of senility/old age in Furstenhut on July 30, 1864 at the age of 74.

Josef Pribil (along with twin sister, Rosalia) was born on August 13, 1818 in Furstenhut, Bohemia to Johann Pribil and Maria Elisabeth Michetschlager. When Josef was 26, he married Juliana Graf on October 21, 1844. After Josef and Juliana were married, Josef became what was called a ‘cottager.’ This meant he would have probably owned a small house and some land, between 5-25 acres, for a small garden and a few farm animals. The land would not be enough to make a living off of so he would have worked as a day laborer or farm hand as well. Josef and Julianna had at least 9 children, including their youngest, Wenzel. Josef died of tuberculosis at age 59 on February 6, 1878.


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