aunt marie…

Mansuet and Anna’s youngest child was their daughter, Marie. She was my great-great aunt but as I’ve said, she was Aunt Marie to all of us. I have endless memories of her – holidays and family gatherings, birthday luncheons at Fabulous Fern’s on Selby, dinners at the Lexington on Grand Avenue, visiting her at her house on Juno, her dancing at my wedding when she was 94 years old and serving my girls ice cream in fancy china bowls when they came to visit. She loved to have visitors and she always made you feel special when you were with her. She really was one of a kind.

Marie Agnes Plaschko was born on January 9, 1904 in St. Paul to Mansuet Plaschko and Anna Friedl. She was baptized at the Church of St. Agnes on January 17, 1904 and her godparents were Daniel and Johanna Plaschko. One of my favorite photographs is one of Mansuet and Anna with their children and Mansuet’s mother, Anna. Aunt Marie is just a baby and everyone is dressed so fancy (those outfits on the younger boys!)…

Mansuet Plaschko Family 1904
Anna Blaschko, Joe, Fred, Mansuet, Anna holding Marie, Frank and Bill in front

And here is another family portrait, taken a few years later. Again, so fancy and formal.

Francis, Mansuet, Joseph, Marie, William, Anna, Frederick Plaschko
Bill, Mansuet, Joe, Marie, Frank, Anna, and Fred

As a child, Marie lived at 460 Lafond with her parents and brothers. In 1911, the family moved to 582 Edmund. At age 15, Marie worked as a stenographer at GT Daly. At 18, she was a stenographer at Morphy, Bradford & Cummins. In 1923, at 19, she worked as a stenographer at Great Northern Railway. Marie married William “Jay” McTeague on June 16, 1924 at the Church of St. Agnes. Marie’s brother, Father, performed the service and her brother, Bill, and Jay’s sister, Florence were witnesses. After they married, Marie and Jay first lived at 790 Blair and Marie continued to work at Great Northern. By 1928, they had moved in with Marie’s parents and brother, Bill, at 582 Edmund. Marie and Jay were listed as living at 582 in the census records for 1930 and Marie was still working for the railroad. Marie and Jay divorced sometime after that but I’m unsure when this occurred. Marie then met Martin Lyden. They were seeing each other when Pearl Harbor happened on December 7, 1941. Marty enlisted right away and they married on December 11, 1941.


Plaschko Marie & Marty
Marie and Marty Lyden, December 1941


Marie and Marty also lived with Marie’s mother, Anna, and brother, Bill, at 582 Edmund. According to the 1950 census, they were living there and Marty was working as a lawyer at 641 University Ave. Soon after, they bought a home at 1607 Juno Ave and Marie’s mother, Anna, and brother, Bill, moved there with them. Marie’s mother, Anna, died in 1954 and her brother, Bill, continued to live with them until his death in 1975. After suffering from Alzheimer’s for several years, with Marie taking care of him, Marty died in 1989. Marie lived alone on Juno for years until she no longer could. She lived briefly at The Wellington Senior Living Home in St. Paul and died on March 18, 2010 at the age of 106. Her service was at Holy Spirit Church and she was buried with Marty at Resurrection Cemetery.



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