mansuet and anna…

When Mansuet, Anna, Rudy, and Mansuet’s mother, Anna, arrived in St. Paul in 1891, they first lived at 445 Blair and Mansuet worked as a laborer. I found this information in the 1891-1892 St. Paul City directory on These directories were a great way for me to track people between the census records. And Manzet is one of the many variations of Mansuet I ran into over the years…

RL Polk & Co’s St. Paul City Directory, 1891-1892, p. 290,

By 1893, they had moved to 472 Blair where their son, Joseph (Joe), was born on March 14th. The family lived there until 1895 when son, Frederick (Fred), was born. In 1896, they moved to 460 Lafond and Mansuet began working as a laborer/molder at Union Brass Co. That’s where they were living when Rudy died of pneumonia on February 3, 1898. Mansuet and Anna had two more sons, Francis (Frank), in 1899, and William (Bill), in 1901, and a daughter, Marie, in 1904. The family stayed at 460 Lafond until 1910. I have to mention the 1910 Census…when I found the family, Mansuet and Anna were listed with children Joseph, 17, Frederick, 14, Frank, 10, and Mary (Marie), 6. Also listed was Lillian, a female, age 8…and missing was their son, William, who would have also been 8. So I thought, Lillian, William, similar names, maybe the census taker heard it wrong. And Lillian was listed as a daughter but I had actually seen mistakes like that before. Here’s the kicker – there was a William Plaschko, age 8, listed further down on the census but he was living as a boarder in a house down the street with a couple and another man, who was also listed as a boarder. What?! Why? Why wasn’t he living with his family? And who was Lillian?

Plaschko 1910 Mansuet - Copy
1910 Census, St. Paul, Ward 8, Ramsey, Minnesota,

This sent me to the Minnesota Historical Society to look up William’s birth certificate in the family history library. First, I confirmed his parents were Mansuet and Anna. Second, there was no twin listed. And I did not find a birth certificate or any kind of record for a Lillian Plaschko. So that must have been a mistake on the part of the census taker. But why was William listed as a boarder living with a random couple from Indiana and not his family? Again, a mistake? It drives me crazy and still has me wondering if there was a secret child named Lillian Plaschko….

I continued going through the censuses and city directories for St. Paul (always keeping an eye out for Lillain) and found that the family moved to 582 Edmund in 1911. This was the home Aunt Marie always talked about – 582 she called it. They had that house until around 1950 or so. It’s where they lived when Manuset died on May 23, 1931 at the age of 69. His service was conducted by his son, Reverend Frederick Plaschko, at the Church of St. Agnes. He was buried at Calvary. After Mansuet’s death, Anna stayed at 582 for years with son, Bill, daughter, Marie, and Marie’s husband, Marty. Around 1950, they moved to 1607 Juno and Anna lived there until she died on May 19, 1954. She was buried with Mansuet at Calvary.

Obituary for Anna Friedl Plaschko, St. Paul Pioneer Press, May 21, 1954

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