meet the blaschko siblings…

I’ve mentioned that Mansuet was one of the six children of Josef Blaschko & Anna Friedberger who settled in St. Paul, now let’s meet the siblings…

Daniel was born in Birkenhaid on February 19, 1853. He married Johanna Kublbeck on June 21, 1880 and they had two children in Bohemia, David and Mary. David’s gravestone shows a birthdate of June 18, 1879 which indicates he was born prior to their marriage. His sister, Mary, was born on December 24, 1880, six months after Daniel and Johanna were married. Daniel was the first of the Blaschko kids to leave Bohemia and he, his wife, Johanna, and their two young children arrived in America on July 18, 1883 and settled in St. Paul. While searching for items on the Blaschko/Plaschko* family in The St. Paul Daily Globe, I ran across a notice of a permit in August 1885 to build a one-story house on Blair for a cost of $300.

From The St. Paul Daily Globe, August 1885

That house at 484 Blair was where Daniel and Johanna raised their children David, Mary, Hedwig, Ernest, Francis, and Teresa. Daniel worked as a laborer for almost 40 years at Towle Syrup Co which eventually became Log Cabin. His wife, Johanna, died in September 1915 at age 59 of chronic nephritis. This was about a year after their son, David, died of tuberculosis at 34. Daniel remained at 484 Blair after Johanna’s death, living with youngest daughter, Teresa, and eventually, her husband, Anton Broten. Daniel died years later on June 17, 1926, at age 73, from carcinoma of the liver. His service was at the Church of St. Agnes and he was buried with Johanna at Calvary Cemetery in St. Paul.

Johanna was born in Birkenhaid on November 4, 1856. While I haven’t been able to confirm anything, I believe Johanna came to America sometime around 1890-1891 and she married Leonard Kelbe around 1893. I found them in the Minnesota State census for 1895 next door to Johanna’s sister, Hermina, her family, and their mother, Anna. Johanna and Leonard then moved to a house at 580 Blair with their children Andrew, Anna (until her death in December 1898 at 2 years old), and Rudolph, and Johanna’s mother, Anna, for a short time. Based on census records and many St. Paul directories, it appears that Anna was passed around a lot by Johanna, Mansuet, and Monica, only living briefly with Hermina in 1895 and apparently never with Daniel or Philipina. She stayed with Monica again for about 5 years before going back with Johanna’s family around 1907 where she remained until her death in 1915. Johanna’s husband, Leo, died in 1928 and Johanna lived alone at 624 Western until her own death at age 81 on January 20, 1938. She died of terminal bronchopneumonia/congestive cardiac failure. Her service was conducted by her nephew, Reverend Frederick Plaschko, at the Church of St. Agnes. She was buried with her husband, Leo, at Calvary Cemetery in St. Paul.

Monica was born on November 7, 1859 in Birkenhaid. She married Franz Xaver Schmid, a lumberjack from Bavaria, on July 23, 1888. Monica and Franz left Bohemia and came to America sometime around 1890. They settled in St. Paul, Minnesota, and had a daughter, Maria, in April 1891, and twins, Anna and Hedwig, in July 1892. According to parish records, Anna died when she was 2 ½ months old (no cause was listed). Monica’s husband, Franz, died the following year, on October 2, 1893, and their son, Henry, was born later that month on October 27, 1893. Following her husband’s death, Monica lived at 608 Thomas with her children, Mary, Hattie, and Henry, and her mother, Anna, and worked as a washwoman. On April 24, 1900, Monica married John Gruber at the Church of St. Agnes with her brother, Daniel, as a witness. After they married, Monica and John lived at 486 Blair, next door to her brother Daniel’s family, with Monica’s children and her mother, Anna. They then moved to 577 Charles and Monica and John had two daughters together, Agnes in 1902, and Rosalia in 1904. Rosalia died in 1909 at age 4. In 1910, Monica, John, Hattie, Henry, and Agnes lived at 725 Edmund and Monica worked as a washwoman for a private family. John died in 1912 and Monica remarried in 1914 although her name never changed from Gruber. While going through parish records for the Church of St. Agnes, I ran across Monica Gruber, a widow, who married John Fuerst on April 23, 1914. Witnesses were Mansuet (listed as ‘M Plaschko’ in the county record) and Anna Plaschko.

Minnesota, County Marriages, 1860-1949

So that was the right Monica. But from 1914-1916, Monica was listed in St. Paul city directories as the widow of John Gruber. The next census available, 1920, listed her at 725 Charles living with her daughter, Agnes, and working as a laundress. No sign of her new husband. I continued checking city directories and from 1928-1933 she was still widow of John Gruber living at 725 Charles. Monica died on May 13, 1934 at age 74 from acute bronchitis/bronchopneumonia. Her death certificate was signed by her son, Henry Schmidt, and – you guessed it – listed her as the widow of John Gruber. No mention of that third husband. Her nephew, Reverend Frederick Plaschko, conducted her service at St. Agnes and she was buried alone at Calvary in St. Paul. I still have yet to find out what happened to John Fuerst.MonicaPlaschoGrubergrave

Hermina was born on December 19, 1864 in Birkenhaid. She came to America in July 1887 and married Kantus Mikschl on October 31, 1887 at the Church of the Assumption on West 7th Street in St. Paul. They moved around St. Paul, living at 545 Blair in 1888, at 569 Lafond from around 1892-1895, and then 644 Charles from 1898-1900. Hermina and Kantus, who worked as stone mason, had six children during this time – Rudolph (1890), Anna (1892), Andrew (1894), Maria (1897), Frank (1899), and Joseph (1901). By 1905, the family moved to 896 Edmund which would be their permanent home. Hermina and Kantus lost their older daughter, Anna, on March 15, 1912. She was only 19 years old when she died and the cause on her death certificate was written as ‘complications of a goiter incision.’ Kantus died of cancer in 1936 at age 73. Hermina died from a coronary due to atrial fibrillation on March 28, 1944 at the age of 79. Her service was conducted by her nephew, Reverend Frederick Plaschko, at the Church of St. Agnes. Hermina and Kantus were buried with their daughter, Anna, at Calvary.HerminaMikschl

Philipina was born on May 28, 1867 in Birkenhaid. It’s unclear when she left Bohemia but I believe it was the late 1880s. She had to be here by then since she married Andrew Stiepan at the Church of St. Agnes on August 5, 1889.

Minnesota, County Marriages, 1860-1949

Andrew and Philipina lived in St. Paul for the first ten years of their marriage, living at 463 Fuller, 701 Edmund, and 743 Wabasha. They had a daughter, Maria, in 1896. By 1900, they had moved to Alabama where they would have 3 more children – Bessie (1905), Lee (1906), Anna (1907). In 1909, they were living in Oklahoma when their daughter, Frances, was born. They were still living there when they lost their only son, Lee, at age 11 in 1918. The family eventually moved to Los Angeles, California, as listed in city directories and on census records for 1930 and 1940. I wasn’t able to find out much about their life in California but I do know that Andrew died in 1943 and Philipina died on May 20, 1951 at the age of 83.

*I go back and forth between Blaschko and Plaschko based on my research. All records found from Bohemia are Blaschko and even some early records in the U.S. are as well. For the boys, Mansuet and Daniel, it went back and forth until around 1900-1905 and from then on was consistently Plaschko. So I refer to the spelling as it was when found.


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