meet the friedbergers…

Last time I introduced you to the Blaschko family. I stopped at Mansuet Blaschko, my 2x great-grandfather. Before I tell you about him, let’s go back a little and look at his mother’s family. Meet the Friedbergers…

Ignaz Friedberger was born on September 17, 1754 in Gansauerhaid, Bohemia to Caspari and Anna Dorthea Friedberger (1715-1776). Ignaz married Johanna Bablitzko on May 17, 1779. They had at least 11 children together, including Johann Jakob. Johanna died of typhoid fever at the age of 43 on May 21, 1803. Her husband, Ignaz, lived many more years and died of old age at 77 on May 24, 1832.

Johann Jakob Friedberger was born to Ignaz Friedberger and Johanna Bablitzko on July 6, 1790 in Mehrgarten, Bohemia. He married Elisabeth Schraml on May 10, 1812. Jakob and Elisabeth had at least 10 children, including Anna. The family lived in Gansauerhaid and Jakob worked as a lumberjack. Jakob died of hydrothorax on June 30, 1862 at age 71. Elisabeth died at 82 years on May 7, 1874 from ‘marasmus’ which is defined as a progressive wasting away of body, like malnutrition.

Anna Friedberger was born in Gansauerhaid, Bohemia on July 24, 1825 to Jakob Friedberger and Elisabeth Schramel. She married Josef Blaschko in 1849 and they had nine children. I mentioned in my last post how three of them died young and the remaining left Bohemia to settle in America. The oldest son, Daniel, was the first to leave Bohemia in 1883. He settled in St. Paul, Minnesota with his wife, Johanna, and their two oldest children, David and Mary. He was followed by his sisters, Johanna, Monica, Hermina, and Philipina who all arrived in St. Paul by or around 1890. The last to join them was Mansuet, who came with their mother, Anna, in 1891 not long after the death of their father, Josef. Also with him was his wife, Anna Friedl Blaschko, and their baby son, Rudolf.


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