meet the blaschkos…

My maternal grandma was born a Plaschko. This is the surname I started with and it turned out to be the most successful as far as how much information I found (I actually have TWO overflowing binders for this family). My grandma’s father, Grandpa Joe as we called him, lived to be 93 and his youngest sibling, his sister, Marie, lived to be 106. She passed away in 2010, right after I had begun my research. I wish I would have started earlier so I could have asked Aunt Marie the many questions that I have about her family. Although, if you had known her, you’d know that there would be a little part of you that would question what she was telling you…anyway, we did know enough about the Plaschko side for me to start digging. We knew that Grandpa Joe’s parents, Mansuet and Anna, had come from Germany and settled in St. Paul, Minnesota, so I started with census records. Based on those, I found that Mansuet and Anna had actually come from southern Bohemia which is now part of the Czech Republic. More digging gave me a town in Bohemia to start with – Birkenhaid – and a different spelling of the surname – Blaschko. It wasn’t until I discovered the glory that is the Czech archives that things really took off. The regional archives of the Czech Republic contain all kinds of digitized records including parish records for what was Bohemia. Pure gold. Once I learned to navigate my way through those records, nothing could stop me. I spent months and months scrolling through those parish books, finding anyone and everyone connected to the Blaschko family. With birth, marriage, and death information, I was able to verify every family member and create a tree for the Blaschko/Plaschko family going back eight generations. Meet the Blaschkos…

Adam Blaschko was born on December 2, 1738 in Birkenhaid, Bohemia to Stephan and Catharine Blaschko. Adam married Ursula Agnes Blach on May 22, 1759 in Birkenhaid. They had at least one child, Innozenz. Ursula died of consumption at age 56 on September 6, 1796. Adam died, also of consumption, on May 29, 1806 at the age of 67.

Innozenz Blaschko was born on September 16, 1774 in Birkenhaid, Bohemia to Adam Blaschko and Ursula Agnes Blach. Innozenz married Theresia Jarosch in July 1801 in Kuschwarda, Bohemia. They had eleven children together, the youngest being Josef. The family lived in Birkenhaid where Innozenz was a farmer. Innozenz died of pulmonary tuberculosis on April 20, 1853 at the age of 78. Theresia died on January 20, 1858, also at the age of 78, of gastralgia (translated to spasm of the stomach).

Josef Blaschko was born on April 21, 1826 in Birkenhaid, Bohemia to Innozenz Blaschko and Theresia Jarosch. Josef married Anna Friedberger on January 29, 1849 and they had nine children together – Johanna (died in 1850 of convulsions at 18 days old), Monika (died in 1859 in a fire when she was 8 years old), Daniel, Friedrich (died in 1887 at age 32 of pulmonary tuberculosis), Johanna, Monica, Mansuet, Hermina, and Philipina. The family lived in Birkenhaid House No. 18 and Josef worked as a master dyer. Josef died on March 2, 1890 at age 63 of influenza/fever. He was buried at the cemetery at Obermoldau on March 4, 1890. After his death, Anna left Bohemia and came to America on April 9, 1891 with her son, Mansuet, and his family to join the rest of her children who had settled in St. Paul, Minnesota. So here we come to Mansuet, I’ll save his story for another day.


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