why not…

I debated whether or not I should start this blog. I wasn’t sure who, if anyone, would read it. Then I decided why not just put it out there as a way for family members to check things out if they were interested…I’ve told stories here and there through the years about what I’ve discovered but things are forgotten, it can be quite confusing, and some just truly aren’t interested. I’ve put together 3 ring binders for each surname packed with everything I’ve found and tried to pare it down to copy for others…but who really wants to sit down and attempt to get through a giant binder of overwhelming information? So maybe this is a better way to share. It’s also another way for me to organize the information I have…which is A LOT. I started just thinking I’d look into my mom’s side, maybe get some interesting tidbits about her family to share with her and my grandma. How was I supposed to know it would be an all-consuming addiction that would take over years of my life? So here I sit with my many overstuffed binders filled with records, documents, certificates, photographs…details of people’s lives…waiting to be shared. And I feel an obligation to share.



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